About Us

“Being an international student means being a warrior in another country.”

Our Mission

At Latinoz, we are convinced that the quality of information you receive when planning your trip will determine to a large extent if your experience in Australia is satisfactory.

Therefore, our mission is to provide the student with all the necessary tools to make the best decisions and come to Australia to truly enjoy, learn and live the experience they aim for.

Once in Australia, our goal is to be the guide that helps students understand a new culture, establish themselves and take advantage of their experience as a student.

Our Business Model

Latinoz Education, more than an agency, is a group of real people trying to put you in touch with your academic goals in Australia. We understand that the process of choosing a school, applying for visas, planning for the trip and living the experience tends to be overwhelming regardless of your level of English. We know it because we experienced ourselves.

In Latinoz Education most of our services are free for our students. All our advice and assistance services are financed by the institutions which we work with. They seek to recruit the best international students and we put you in touch with them.

A good educational agent will essentially help you with their HONESTY. Having the real picture of the decision you are about to make does not mean we´ll sweeten your ear. It requires you to be prepared to face challenges and adversities so you can get the most out of the experience without surprises. We tell you both the advantages and risks of your choices.

It is always good to compare options and we are very sure that our service is objective and seeks to benefit you, because if you are happy in Australia, our partner schools and ourselves are happy too.

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Both Paulina and Yair were international students in Australia in the English sector and postgraduate studies. Additionally, Paulina had the great experience of working as a counselor for more than two years in one of the most prestigious English schools in Melbourne. There, she had the opportunity to work with many educational agents and at the same time she was able to understand the reality of hundreds of Latin students, who just like her, came to Australia to improve their opportunities.

Unfortunately, most of them arrived in the country without the necessary information to achieve their objectives and enjoy their stay.  Hence, a service opportunity was identified to close the gap between the expectations created before arrival and the reality of the students.

Latinoz Education is born from the need to offer honest, reliable and realistic advice to Latin students who want to carry out academic programs in Australia. Being a country where its culture, language and legislation are different from Latin America, Latinoz is a group of consultants specialized in education in Australia. We guide the student in the selection process of academic programs, schools, and application for student visa.

The Team

Latinoz Education is formed by a team of Mexican specialists that decided to start an overseas journey.  Today, all the team lives and work in Asutralia.   

Yair Frid
Yair Frid
Paulina Bravo
Anel Egure
Allan Sosa
Eunice Bravo
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