In Australia, the education system offers many opportunities to gain knowledge in different fields.

Unlike Mexico where after the age of 18 there are only options for bachelors or engineering, in Australia, there are 17 different programs so that students can choose what most suits their needs.

To enter any program it is necessary to have at least the equivalent of high school (Year 12 in Australia).

First, there are the VET courses that offer practical education so that the student can start working directly after completion or gain knowledge to continue studying a university program. A person can progress through the different programs until they reach a high level, where they can apply for management positions even without having a degree, but studying the appropriate VET programs.

Higher education or university programs are focused on developing theoretical knowledge and are more similar to the Mexican educational system of undergraduate and engineering degrees. You can apply for these programs after completing the equivalent of Year 12 or after completing a preparatory course required by some of the universities.

VET courses (Practical vocational courses with a level prior to the bachelor degree and engineering)

Higher education (university courses focused on theory)

  • Certificate
  • Diploma
  • Advanced Diploma
  • Bachelor degree
  • Graduate certificate
  • Graduate diploma
  • Master
  • Doctorate
australian educational system

If your education level in your country is bachelor and you want to do a VET Diploma, you should know that this level will be much more basic than what you already have, and it is recommended only if you want to specialise in any branch of your career, to change your career or pursue your personal interests.

If you have professional experience or want to shorten the duration of a program, you can apply for a revalidation of previous studies (Recognition of Prior Learning) which will be done by the school of your choice and at a certain cost.

This scheme will help you to understand better the equivalences and paths to follow in the Australian education system.


Agendar Cita