Personalized help throughout your stay

No matter your level of English, it is always a challenge to set yourself up in a new country, especially if you arrive alone, for this reason, we are here to guide you!

We will provide you with tips, orientation, and tools to:

  • Find good accommodation while you study
  • Avoid scams
  • Banking advice either with your home country account or to open an Australian account
  • Apply for your TFN and be able to start looking for a job
  • Understand the transportation system in your city
  • Know the rules of your school
  • Understand the work culture in your city
  • Refer you to a trusted Immigration Agent to apply for a residency
  • Contact the institutions in case you have problems with your course.
  • Moral support and counseling when you need to talk to someone about your experience
  • Extend your course and your student visa
  • Help you prepare your departure from the Australia with everything you should consider

All our support during your stay, can be face-to-face if we are in the same city by booking a visit to our office, or via Whatsapp, email or video calls. We have a maximum response time of 24 hours if we are not available at the moment.


Agendar Cita