Guidance to find a job

Even if coming to Australia to study means you have enough funds to support yourself during your stay, having the opportunity to work part-time is a great relief and can even help you save up or travel across this beautiful country.

You should consider that although the Australian economy grows and is a developed country, competition to work is high. Imagine that there are many international and local students who, just like you, are not only looking for an income, but also for professional experience.

To get a job as a student you should also consider your course timetable and plan your work availability according to your course NOT the other way around.

We can advise you with tips to find casual and part-time jobs through the following FREE services:

  • Revision of your resume/CV and suggestions to improve it (without making corrections)
  • We provide you with free templates to write your CV and cover letter with the Australian format.
  • Tips to look for jobs by zones and by industry
  • Receive weekly job offers in your email subscribing to our newsletter
  • Support to get your Tax File Number and explanation of the general work laws in Australia
  • Guidance & referrals to report an abusive employer or work problems
  • Events focused on preparing you for job interviews

In addition, we also have services with extra cost available:

  • Correction and / or translation of CV ($ 50 aud per document)
  • Simulation of executive job interview in English with feedback of weaknesses and strengths found ($ 70 aud includes interview 35 min and 25 min of analysis and feedback)

If you are interested in these services to improve your chances of finding a job, contact us and we will give you all the information about what is included and payment methods!

Are you looking for some guidance to find a job in australia?

Agendar Cita