This annual scholarship gives you the opportunity to study and combine research in Australia in certain industries.

The winners of this scholarship will receive support to acquire their plane tickets to Australia, bonus for establishment in the country, a monthly allowance, OSHC health insurance for the duration of the academic program, travel insurance and the course fees totally or partially covered if the chosen program applies.

For more information on this scholarship that opens in September click here

Some institutions offer support or discounts on tuition to outstanding students or those who carry projects of scientific value.

To know which universities have this type of support and if you are eligible to obtain it, we will share it with you as part of the information of the institutions of your interest.

It always helps to check what other scholarships apply to study in Australia. In Mexico, one of the most popular is the Conacyt Scholarship provided you choose a postgraduate program (not specialties) within the following areas: Exact and Natural Sciences, Engineering, Environmental Sciences, Biotechnology and Agricultural Sciences, Science of the Health, Energy.

For more information about the Conacyt, click here.

If there is a scholarship that you know and it is not in this list, contact us and we will advise you to undertake the process satisfactorily.

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Agendar Cita