Adelaide is a small city (just over a million inhabitants) that also receives many international students and is ranked as one of the 5 best cities to live in the world.

Climate: It is a climate similar to the Mediterranean and with well-differentiated seasons. In summer it is very hot and dry, although sometimes they reach 45-46 degrees Celsius.

Transportation: With the Metro Card you can use the train, trams and buses, they have an accessible price and great coverage, so it is easy to move around the city. It also has good concessions for international students.

Cultural Diversity: Being a small city, it has many opportunities to know locals and although there are many international students, the proportion is much lower than in Sydney or Melbourne.

Education: Universities in Adelaide are known for their research merits and contributions to the science world.

Disadvantages: Being a small city, some students may feel that the routine is boring if they do not attend events. The hot days are really intense since it is near the outback, which is practically desert.

Why choose Adelaide? It is one of the most accessible capital cities in terms of cost of living in Australia, it has many festivals of all kinds and it’s known for its vineyards, more than in any other city. If you hate traffic, you like relaxed life and a not so metropolitan living with natives, Adelaide is an excellent option to study!

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Agendar Cita