It is considered the third largest city in Australia and is currently developing at a very fast pace.

Climate: It is known as the capital of the sun, so you will imagine that it is very rare to be cold. It is generally humid heat for being a northern city and being closer to the Equator.

Transportation: The Brisbane transport system has trains, buses and ferries and works with the Translink Go Card.

Cultural Diversity: It is a developing city so it is currently very open to multiculturalism. Its people are very warm with foreigners and international students.

Education: It has some of the best universities in Australia and there are several study programs to choose from among English, vocational and professional courses.

Disadvantages: Being a smaller city than Sydney and Melbourne, there are fewer entertainment options but it is not boring at all. If you do not like to sweat and the heat, forget it, Brisbane is not for you.

Why choose Brisbane? It is a beautiful city with a cost of living more affordable than Sydney and Melbs. It is close to the best beaches in Australia, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and Byron Bay, so if you like to combine city life and beach vibes with good waves to surf, Brisbane will be your new home.


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