It is the capital of Australia and therefore, it has all Federal government buildings, national museums and galleries.

Climate: It is surrounded by forests and has several lakes, rivers, parks and hills, so its climate is generally temperate, it rains and the winter is especially cold.

Transportation: With the Metro Card you can use the train, trams and buses, they have an accessible price and great coverage, so it is easy to move around the city. It also has good concessions for international students.

Cultural Diversity: Despite being the political capital of Australia, many students from at least 90 countries choose Canberra for their universities, so the opportunity to coexist with other nationalities and local is very balanced.

Education: It has one of the most educated populations in Australia, has access to free wi-fi in most of the city and offers several volunteer programs to students to improve the educational experience.

Disadvantages: It is a city of barely half a million inhabitants, the climate is usually colder than in the rest of the country.

Why choose Canberra? It is one of the safest cities in the world and has a very intense social life thanks to the number of cultural options that offers. It also has one of the lowest unemployment rates and the best salaries, besides being a green city, with a population that prefers to use the bicycle. So, if this is your thing, choose Canberra.


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