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English courses for international students are known as English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students (ELICOS).

There are around 300 ELICOS education centers in Australia and can be both independent and exclusively dedicated to English schools or language centers within universities and other institutions. Which to choose? The difference relies on the methodology and the purpose for which you want to study English.

The ELICOS courses in Australia for international students are standardized and have the following characteristics:

  1. They are considered full-time courses when they are at least 20 hours a week.
  2. The duration of the courses is between 4 and 48 weeks
  3. They are offered at all levels from beginner to advanced
  4. They are generally flexible on their start dates
  5. Students can usually take a placement exam the same day they start the course, although some of them have a minimum entrance requirement.
  6. English courses can be packed with higher education courses.

Sorts of English courses

These are courses where all the language skills, reading, writing, listening and speaking are practiced.

These courses allow the student to take a placement exam on the day of the beginning of classes, so it does not matter what level you are on when you arrive in Australia. The classes are full of activities, both in the classroom and on excursions, and focus on topics based on daily life such as nature, travel, entertainment, news, and so on.

It is important that you know that these courses are for practicing the language in a relaxed environment. They also involve theory to advance in grammar and writing, however, the main objective is to help you acquire confidence to communicate regardless of the subject.

These courses are offered in the morning, afternoon and evening in several schools, and it is important to know that if your visa is a student, you should plan your routine around your school schedule, not the other way around.

The EAP courses are 100% oriented to develop the necessary skills to study higher education courses. They require that your English is already good enough, at least at the intermediate or upper-intermediate level depending on the school.

Generally speaking, to take this course it is necessary to pass an internal placement exam or present a valid English certificate such as the IELTS test or Cambridge exam.

These courses are full-time, and last approximately 10 weeks per level. They have specific entry dates throughout the year, so you should plan to start and finish in time to take your next course, especially if it is at another school.

The EAP courses are an excellent option as many schools have agreements with universities to take this course as an automatic pass instead of presenting a English certificate such as the IELTS in the language requirement.

In general, theses classes include activities such as debates, presentations, group discussions of academic topics, reading exams, research projects, writing essays, learning to take notes in English, and so on.

These courses are entirely designed to help the student maximize their performance on official English exams. Most schools require students to have some level of English prior to the course. It is necessary to know that the grammatical mastery must already be strong enough to focus on learning execution techniques in the exam of your choice.

These courses can have specific dates of commencement and are quite intensive, since in addition to the practice in the classroom, they require a lot of dedication outside school.

The most popular preparation courses are the IELTS, Cambridge English, TOEIC & PTE, which allow the student to obtain an international recognition that is used to apply for jobs, universities and migratory processes in English-speaking countries.

The dynamics in the classroom include real exercises focused on the structure of the exam, writing essays and reports, exam drills under real conditions and daily activities.

This course is for those who seek to acquire an English vocabulary to apply in their professional careers. These are courses where students develop their skills in a practical environment. It includes activities where they do business simulations, project presentations, acquire idioms and expressions that are used in offices. Also, excursions to companies and interviews with professionals, and so, are part of this course.

BE courses can start any Monday or have fixed dates of entry depending on the chosen school. Schedules may vary and last for 10 weeks as a general rule. Business English students must demonstrate an intermediate or upper-intermediate level of English by sitting an internal placement exam or showing a valid English certificate.

Costs for English courses

There is a wide variety of options for all levels of English and budgets. These are the average costs you should consider to study English in Australia

  • Classes are quoted per week and the average cost is $ 305AUD per week
  • All schools have a cost of admission / enrollment / administration
  • You must buy the material for your courses, your book and copies are the most common and the amount will depend on the time you study or the number of courses you take
  • You should consider other expenses such as excursions, outings with your group, English exams, etc.

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