It is the smallest state capital with the smallest population in Australia. It is located in the southeast of another small island south of Melbourne. It’s the most southern you’re going to be in Australia.

Climate: Given the latitude, Hobart is the city with the coldest climate of the Australian capitals. It is considered the regional city with the purest air and water on the planet.

Transportation: Being a small city, buses are the means of public transport. They work using the Greencard card that already includes a discount for using it, but you probably use it very little since bicycles and walking are the most used means of transportation.

Cultural Diversity: It is a developing city so it still has a typically native population and is currently open to receive international students.

Education: One of the oldest universities in Australia is the University of Tasmania, which attracts many students as it offers a large number of scholarships, as well as an extensive variety of courses.

Disadvantages: There are few inhabitants, around 200,000 so if you are used to (and love) the hustle, nightlife, or noise, Hobart is not for you.

Why choose Hobart? For those who are nature lovers, who prefer cold weather, who like to be more private and relax in a European styled city, full of culture, beautiful buildings and good salmon, Hobart is your choice.

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