Perth is a city located in the western part of Australia and is the fourth most populous city in the country. It is the capital of Western Australia and enjoys one of the best climates on the island.

Climate: It has a climate similar to Adelaide ́s since they are almost at the same latitude. Super sunny Summers and very warm Winters make it a city for people who hate the cold.

Transport: It has trains, buses and ferries that work with the Smartrider card. International students can get up to 40% off on transport rates, which makes the system very cheap compared to other cities.

Cultural Diversity: Despite having only 2 million inhabitants, Perth is a super multicultural city, people from more than 200 countries, especially Asians, live there, so its inhabitants are tolerant and relaxed.

Education: Perth is focused on scientific and technological development, so its universities have very high academic and innovation standards.

Disadvantages: It is one of the most isolated cities in the world, it is approximately 6 hours away from Sydney and the nearest city is Adelaide, about 3 hours away. The weather can be very hot and dry all year round, something you should consider if you do not like that..

Why choose Perth? A super relaxed, warm city, with the highest per capita income in Australia but not the most expensive to living expenses. If you like cities that look like new, constantly developing, with beaches considered the most beautiful in the world, Perth awaits you.


Agendar Cita