What are the most common jobs for international students in Australia?

Getting a job in Australia will depend on many factors and could take time, nevertheless, it is going to happen for sure!

Many students come to Australia directly to apply for professional positions in their area of ​​development. This is not a bad thing as there are cases in which this happens and students gain invaluable experience in their professional field. However, this is the exception not the rule! You must remember that your visa limits you to work for 40 hours per fortnight and that your priority is your STUDY – isn ́t it what a student visa is for?

Having said that, It is difficult to find a professional employer who dedicates time and money into an employee who is temporary and has limited work time, such as students!

But do not be discouraged, the best you can do is try, and while you achieve your goal, there are more accessible jobs and sometimes with immediate hiring that will help you cover part of your expenses – remember that it is not a good idea to live in Australia without savings and it is part of your conditions of visa as the Department of Home Affairs states in its website.

Depending on your level of English, professional experience, city of residence, and your willingness to apply for jobs tirelessly, this is a list of the most common jobs for international students:

  • Receptionist
  • Cleaning / Maids
  • Food delivery
  • Leaflets distributors
  • Waiters (requires certifications)
  • Baristas
  • Kitchen assistants
  • Cooks
  • Tour guides
  • Shop assistants (retail)
  • Jobs in large-scale events
  • Masonry / Construction (requires certifications)
  • Baby sitting (babysitters – requires certifications)
  • Bartenders (requires certifications)
  • Carriers / Removals (requires certifications)
  • Gardener
  • Dog walker

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Agendar Cita