Falling into the temptation of not making the most of your academic period abroad

Anyone could say that studying abroad is a dream, because it represents the illusion we have to travel, to know cultures different from ours, to speak another language, to make friends from all over the world and why not, to improve our quality of life and income for a better future.

The sad and harsh reality, which I just learned, is that despite these reasons, most of us do not take advantage of opportunities when we have them.

It is important that before making the decision to leave your country, you consider it a VERY STRONG investment, and for investment I want you to understand that it is money that will ultimately help you to be better and even earn more money. If you do not have this in mind, it’s going to be very easy for you to start wasting opportunities.

Moving to a new country is difficult, takes a lot of courage and requires even more effort to stay and survive. However, achieving it is possible if you have the right attitude.

In this post, I want to share what is like doing an English course , which I took to prepare myself better for my life in Australia.

The English courses have the advantage of being a sort of propaedeutic so that you understand the language and in some cases, the history and culture of the country, thanks to some teachers that explain these topics.

What is sad is to meet many people who come to migrate and have a negative attitude, starting by not wanting to practice, or taking classes uninterestedly, they do not do homework because “they are not nerds” and that affects the learning process for others.

Speaking English is difficult especially if you´re shy, but when you invest in your studies, you can not afford not to speak in classes, that’s what it is for, ask everything you can to the teacher, yes, for that you pay!

Do not allow yourself to be a person who will study English but only wants to speak Spanish. Dare to make mistakes, to sound funny, dare to say words incorrectly, learn to speak with people from other countries and put effort into your classes that are the First step to fulfill your next goals.

An error that we make very often is to only look for people of country or similar to feel less alone in the process. It is very good to have a support network of your own culture and to understand what you are going through, however, what I do not recommend is that stay without opening up to meet local people, who in the end are the ones who will help you become more familiarised with the culture and practice the language.

I want to motivate you to see migration as something serious, not as most believe it is before doing it (even as I thought). Moving to another country requires a lot of energy to erase the hard drive that you bring from factory and replace it with a new one that requires an update in your operating system, and that is something that not everyone can achieve, even I do not know if it can be achieved already here, considering the emotional sacrifice that implies leaving your family, pets, friends and add your work, clothes, books, etc … All with the objective and obligation to rebuild your identity almost from scratch. That is something that nobody tells you and that many times we do not know how it will hit you until you are far away.

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Migrating is fun, involves many new things, experiences, food, friends, places and incredible memories, but it is also fighting and fighting against yourself. But, I assure you, it is the best experience when you learn to take the opportunities that come in life!

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